OCA Staff

Executive Director

For all things Oaklands email 

Traci Fontana-Wegelin at ed@oaklandsca.com

Facility Coordinator

For general Community Centre inquiries or to find out more information on renting our great space, talk to Sandy Robertson at facilities@oaklandsca.com

Child Care Coordinator

Are you in need of great childcare provided by highly-skilled professionals? For all your daycare and preschool needs contact Nicole Skoreyko at littleacorn@oaklandsca.com

Out-of-School Care Coordinator

For before and after-school care needs, school closures and licensed camps write to Cindy Allen at osc@oaklandsca.com

Programs Coordinator

Do you have an idea, question or feedback for a recreation program or event? Email  programs@oaklandsca.com


Community Development Coordinator

Want to get involved in your community or share ideas about the neighbourhood? Looking to Volunteer? Contact community@oaklandsca.com

Market Coordinator

To be involved with Oaklands Sunset Markets or Oaklands West Coast Winter Market, please send inquiries (such as becoming a vendor, volunteer, musician, artist or how we can help your local business grow) to Phoenix Bain at markets@oaklandsca.com


Admin Support/Reception

Are you new to our community? Get in touch with us!  For program registration, ticket purchasing and general inquiries contact reception@oaklandsca.com

Interested in working or volunteering with us? Click here