Green Room

The green room is the larger of our two programs. It is licensed for 24 children and three teachers. We are currently transitioning from a Theme-based program to an Emergent/Reggio based program in the Green Room.

Emergent Curriculum is a 'child directed' rather than a 'teacher directed' way of learning.  Children are able to learn about what they are interested in and the teachers are also learning alongside the children by creating an environment that will encompass their interests in many different areas.  By doing this the hope is to further the children's learning and exploration on a certain topic. Documentation is a big part of Emergent curriculum and it can be seen as photos, art work, written observations and displays. We believe that Emergent curriculum is beneficial to children in that they are able to have a say in what they want to learn about which builds confidence and self-esteem.

Reggio Emilia is based on the idea that children are co-constructors of their knowledge and should be active participants in their learning. The environment plays a huge role in children's learning so having many different ways for children to discover a certain topic (through science, art, math, literacy) makes the learning more concrete to the child. Documentation is also a large part of Reggio as well, therefore the teacher's job is to observe and document the day to day activities or projects that happen.

The transition from Theme-based curriculum to an Emergent/Reggio curriculum is something that the teacher's in the program are passionate about and we strive to do the best to represent that in the classroom.


Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30                                            Free play (combined with/in Red Room)
8:30-9:55                                         Free play and art activity

Clean up and wash hands

10:00 Snack
10:20 Circle time
11:00 Outside time
12pm Lunch
1:00-2:30 Quiet time
2:30 Wake up
3:00 Snack
3:30-5:30 Outside time



“My son has been attending Little Acorn Care Centre for about a year now and in that time I have noticed nothing but positive changes in him. Not only have his social skills drastically improved, but so have his academics. He is able to problem solve, express himself and communicate with others better than ever before. My son is excited to go to school in the morning, and still has a smile on his face when I pick him up in the afternoon.”

- Green Room parent