Marielle Tounsi


Marielle Tounsi was born and raised in Victoria. She attended Oaklands Elementary where her father was a teacher and spent many of her growing years involved in the Oaklands community.

After years of travelling in her post-secondary life, Marielle moved back to Victoria, got a diploma in communications, got married and dreamt of growing a family of her own in Oaklands. 

Fast forward a few years and Marielle and her husband have finally purchased a home in Oaklands and are very excited to get involved in the community. 

Marielle works in B.C. Government Communications and Public Engagement and brings her expertise in BC politics, public affairs, strategic communications planning, producing communications materials, executing events, critical thinking and problem solving to the board. Her husband owns an exterior maintenance business ran through their home and together they have a love for cooking, crafting, cycling, camping, music, art, sports and their two small dogs.

Between the Oaklands wealth of community based events and programs, local businesses, and flourishing community parks, Marielle is looking forward to put her passion towards working on community initiatives and keeping the energy in Oaklands vibrant.