Become a Member

Dear Oaklands residents and local volunteers.

The Oaklands Community Association (OCA) works in partnership with the residents of the neighbourhood and along with local groups we help maintain and develop the Oaklands neighbourhood.
At our last Annual General Meeting in April 2018 we adopted a revised set of by-laws to meet the new BC Societies Act Standards.
In order to comply with our by-laws we are instituting a membership drive to create an official membership list for the Oaklands Community Association. We want you to consider joining the association. While we will continue to work consistently on behalf of the neighbourhood, having a healthy direct membership will provide increased opportunities for neighbourhood project engagement and meaningful community consultation.
Having a robust membership will help us communicate to the neighbourhood and ensure we are planning projects and responding to issues with the support of the neighbourhood.
We want to hear from you and respond to your ideas, concerns and projects and one of the most effective methods for getting anything done is collective action. 
We hope you will join us to help make Oaklands an even better place to live.
With a current membership list of voting members we will also be able to provide some local benefits to members and build a solid communications system for neighbourhood issues. Members will enable us to be informed, stay informed and communicate more effectively. Thank you for your consideration.
Harry Kope, A/President
Oaklands Community Association



- access to monthly newsletter + exclusive content 

- early registration for programs 

- advance ticket sales for events 

- monthly member recognition giveaways 

- discounts to local businesses 

- the opportunity to vote at the Annual General Meeting 

- the chance to be elected to the Board of Directors