Notice of Land Use Committee Community Meeting

The Oaklands Community Association Land Use Committee will be hosting a Community Meeting on March 25, 2019 from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Oaklands Neighbourhood House (2629 Victor St.) to provide an opportunity for residents to review and provide comments on revisions to the proposed development at 1301 Hillside Ave. Given the project is adjacent to the Quadra-Hillside Community we will be jointly hosting the event with their land use committee.

The project can be reviewed here.

Attached is an image of the old and new design, and for your convenience, a summary of the proposed changes is outlined below:

  • Initial application submitted was submitted as a rental building, now converted to a market condo
  • Initial scheme was 46 units – current scheme is 50 units (including 16 affordable ownership units)
  • FSR was 2.41 or 32,235sf, now FSR is 2.46 or 32,886 sf
  • Both schemes have 24 parking spaces
  • Both schemes have 65 bike parking spaces
  • Current scheme has 2 live /work units – initial scheme had no commercial spaces.
  • Initial scheme was 5 floors of residential over parking – current scheme is the same.

The proponent notes that the project will now incorporate an “affordable ownership” housing component. With 16 of 50 units being defined as affordable – representing 32% of the project. The proponent is working with BC Housing to determine how the project will fit into their affordable housing program.

We look forward to hearing your perspectives on the project.

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