Program Proposal Guidelines

Do you have an idea for a program or workshop? We would love to hear from you! Complete a program proposal highlighting your program idea. Programming for the Spring/Summer season (April-September) begins in November and for the Fall/Winter season (September-April) in May.

We offer new instructors a 60/40% revenue split. If program supplies (i.e. art supplies) are required, an alternate split may be discussed.

The OCA takes 40% of program revenue and in turn will feature programs in the biannual publications of the City of Victoria’s Active Living Guide, and OCA’s Activity Guide.  Additionally, programs are advertised on our website.  They also may be featured on our social media, our outside signage, and our poster advertising.  We also offer our facilities, available equipment, full registration services and a centre attendant during program hours.

We ask that all programs with a drop-in option run at least two classes before discussing cancellation.

Please note that new classes take time to grow.  It is common that new courses will barely meet minimum registrant requirements, sometimes for a year or more.  As such, monetary compensation is often minimal at the onset of a new class.  If you commit to a session via contract, you are expected to promote your class, to teach your class and to adapt your class to your registrants to the best of your ability. Typically, a successful class comes with a significant time commitment.  

For any questions or comments please contact:
Erin Henneberry
Programs Coordinator
Oaklands Community Association
P: 250-370-9101 | F: 250-370-9102