Registration for Kayak Camp starts April 2018!


Check back here for information on dates and costs for this fun-filled adventure camp, or look for it in our Spring & Summer Activity Guide!

Before registering, this wavier form needs to be filled out and emailed to or brought in person to the community centre.
Kayaking Camp, Introduction (8-12 yrs)  5/$300
M-F July 16-20  9 am-3 pm
M-F July 30-Aug 3  9 am-3 pm
Kayaking Camp, Essentials (8-12 yrs)  5/$300
M-F Aug 13-17  9 am-3 pm
*must have successfully completed Kayaking Camp, Introduction 
Outline for Kayaking Camp
This 5-day course will build confidence for young paddlers in calm water and sheltered bays. Paddlers in this course will be exposed to self-rescue skills, more than 6 paddling skills, and will gain experience necessary to do a day trip, and paddle in sheltered waters with other paddlers. The program includes some on land sessions related to safety, seamanship and navigating.
Paddlers taking this course will receive invaluable kayaking instruction/education and supervised experience on the water. This course teaches beginner paddlers to confidently embark on day-long sea kayaking trips in sheltered waters. Skills include turning on edge, self-rescue techniques and towing. Paddlers will begin to interpret marine weather forecasts, plan day trips safely with consideration of tide tables and marine charts.
Locations Include:
Langford Lake, Mount Doug Park, Victoria Harbour, Esquimalt Lagoon, Gorge Waterway, Oak Bay Marina, Thetis Lake, Fort Rod Hill, and Glenn Lake
Day 1
9am – Meet at the recreation centre
10am – Depart to location
11am to 2pm – First on water session, name games, trust activities, familiarization with equipment and safety training
3:00pm – Return to recreation centre & Dismissal
NOTE: kayak location will be announced each day, as it is weather dependent
Day 2
9am – Meet at the recreation centre
9:15am – Depart to location
10am to 3pm – Lake kayaking, learning kayaking/boat language
3:00pm – Return to recreation centre & Dismissal
Day 3
9am – Meet at the recreation centre
9:15am – Depart to location
10am to 2pm – Stand up paddle board and kayaking harbor your
3pm – Return to recreation centre & Dismissal
Day 4
9am – Meet at the recreation centre
9:15am – Depart to location
10:00am to 2pm – Ocean exploration paddle, preparing for sea conditions and learning about ocean weather
3:00pm – Return to recreation centre & Dismissal
Day 5
9am – Meet at the recreation centre
9:15am – Depart to location
10am to 2pm – Skill development includes navigation on water, teach escape routes and back country safety
3pm – Return to recreation centre & Dismissal
Equipment list (Provided for the Program)
• Sea kayak (must be clean for pool sessions)
• Paddle
• Lifejacket if needed
• Sprayskirt
• PFD (Personal Flotation Device): Canadian Coast Guard approved
• Whistle
• Hand pump
• Throw-line (buoyant heaving line at least 15 meters in length)
• Paddle float
• First aid equipment
Please bring the following
• Eyeglass retainer strap if you wear glasses
• Glasses or contacts, please bring an extra set in case of loss (optional)
• Sunglasses: include a strap to secure them
• Sunscreen: waterproof, sweat-proof, SPF 30 or higher
• Lip sunblock
• Clothing should be comfortable and not cotton, footwear for in water conditions
• A toque for warmth and a hat to protect from the sun
• Filled water bottle (min 1 liter of water)
• Lunch and snacks, bring extra as you will be active
• Lifejacket as ours may not fit as well or as comfortable as their own (please label with child’s name)
• Waterproof or disposable camera
• Moist towelettes for clean up
• Paddling gloves, pogies and or neoprene gloves
• Warm drink in a thermos
Medications and physical limitations
• Please note that you will require a current tetanus shot (less than 10 years old).
• This is very important if you do not have up-to-date tetanus inoculation, you will not be permitted to
participate in the program without a current tetanus shot or a conversation with the program director.
• Please be sure to let us know of any limitations of which we should be aware.
• Please duplicate and separate the quantities of any medications you will need during your program,
and give your duplicated medications to your instructor, who will carry them.
• Seasickness can happen in a kayak but it is rare, if you are susceptible to seasickness please take
preventative care and let you instructor know.


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